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  • J Stuart Rhodes

Stuart Rhodes (1955-7)

I have so many good memories of my years at the House, especially the worship, teaching, friendships, challenges and opportunities. To sit at the feet of Eric Flemington, Philip Watson, Gordon Rupp, John Kent, Owen Chadwick, Alec Vidler, Charles Moule, John Robinson and Norman Sykes was an unforgettable and enriching experience.

I also remember many other other things:

Fred, the College Porter, checking each night that we were all there and telling us "Mr --- is pushing the boat out tonight, sir" (=where we could go for a cuppa!)

The card index box in the JCR which listed all the chapels where we might be sent to preach at weekends. Some interesting comments; "If you have to stay overnight, make sure you put your overcoat on the bed as the blankets are very thin"; "Feign sleep in the afternoon otherwise you could be subject to an Old Testament quiz"; "Some young ladies at --- are very eager to marry a Methodist minister".

Sermon class, when after two of our contemporaries had spoken about the content and manner and before the Tutor and Principal offered their opinions, Michael Prior, our Voice Production teacher, had his say: eg "Mr Rhodes needs to do something about his flat vowels. I suggest he should keep saying 'What a lot of fuss, when I was catching the bus to Luss"!


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