The 1960s


The Fortieth Anniverary of the foundation was celebrated on 5 May 1961. A Lecture was delivered by the Revd Dr Henry Chadwick, Canon of Christ Church and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford. The subject of the lecture was "The Spirit and Forms of Liberal Theology". The Chairman of the Governors, the Revd Walter J Noble presided. Among those present was the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor H Butterfield, Master of Peterhouse (himself a Methodist and a Governor of Wesley House). In the evening Dinner was served in Hall to a number of University and other guests.

(WF Flemington writes: At previous Commemorations the students had taken their meal earlier and only the college Chairman had been invited to join the guests at Dinner, at which dinner-jackets were worn. In 1961, however, all resident students shared in the Dinner, and lounge-suits were worn.)



WF Flemington

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