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A eulogy for Newton Flew

Dr Flew's work on the Faculty Board of Divinity won the respect of his colleagues. After his death, the Regius Professor, Dr EC Ratcliff, wrote:

"Flew always reminded me of a saying of von Hugel's, that the mark common to all the saints is joy. Flew had that mark. His interior joy, I suppose, was the secret of his remarkably successful work. He will hold a high place in the gratitude and memory of Wesley House and the Church. Those of us, too, who knew him on the Faculty Board will remember him gratefully. He was, of course, of no little academic assistance to the Board, and he had his own strong opinion on many matters; but he was never a battle-maker, and I can recall several occasions on which his intervention cooled heat and led to the avoidance of strife. He seemed to have all the qualities of the ideal good Bishop."

Few tributes could have given him a keener pleasure.


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