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  • Writer's pictureMrs Helen Hughes (May 1941)

1923: Illness

At the end of December 1922 Dr Hughes was taken ill and after term had begun in January 1923 he was obliged to leave home for some weeks. No words could praise too highly the thoughtful and considerate kindness of the men during the days of anxiety and their conduct when left to carry on their work in the absence of the Principal. They attended the Theological lectures of Dr Cave that term.

In April 1923 Dr Hughes took up his work again and it was discovered that HE Thorne was not able to return. Through the kindness of Sir Henry Lunn he was sent to Montana Vermala (Switzerland) but he died there from the tuberculosis which he had contracted during the Great War. He was a quiet and self-effacing man who greatly endeared himself to the other members of the College.


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