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Herbert Butterfield

In the early days of Wesley House a young History don, Herbert Butterfield, Fellow of Peterhouse, used to give help in Church History supervisions, and was included as a part-time member of staff in the annual college photograph, and under Wesley House in the University Residents List. When he ceased this regular supervising on becoming a Professor, he graciously allowed his name still to appear in the Residents List, and he continued to come year by year for the photograph.

When he came, as Vice-Chancellor, to the Fortieth Anniversary celebration in 1961, he caused no little amusement by describing how on one morning every year it required the united efforts of his entire household to rouse him out of bed in time to appear at Wesley House for the college photograph at the somewhat unearthly hour of 8.45am!

Throughout its history Herbert Butterfield has been one of the most loyal and valued friends of the House.


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