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  • Writer's pictureMrs Helen Hughes (May 1941)

1934: Commemoration of Benefactors

On February 8th 1934 the first Dinner in Commemoration of Benefactors was given. Dr Ritson and Mr Lamplough, to whom Wesley House is so greatly indebted, were the guests of honour. Dr Ritson preached at the evening service and the House Governors resident in Cambridge were present at the service and the Dinner.

The work done for the Theological Colleges by both Dr Ritson and Mr Lamplough was gratefully recalled by all who spoke, and much gratitude for the gift of the Chapel was expressed to Mr Lamplough.

Mr Gutteridge went Home on Nay 26th 1935 at the age of 93. For two years he had been an invalid but his prayers and thoughts to the last were with Wesley House and the work to which he was so deeply devoted.

A memorial service was held in the Chapel on Tuesday June 11th. Owing to the illness of the Principal, Dr Flew gave the address. He recalled Mr Gutteridge's life-long devotion to Methodism, his reputation for integrity in Naples (his home for many years), his generosity to the British and Foreign Bible Society and his zeal for the Training of the Ministry.

To his foresight and generosity Wesley House owes its existence. Through his love and prayers the Church of God has been and will be enriched by the life and work of those who have gone from the College to preach "the unsearchable riches of Christ in this land and througout the world".


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