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  • Writer's pictureMrs Helen Hughes (May 1941)

1927: Newton Flew

At the Conference of 1927 the Rev R Newton Flew was appointed to the Greenhalgh Chair of New Testament Theology, and on September 27th he came with Mrs Flew and Anthony (aged 4) to live at 31 Jesus Lane. Dr Flew's ability and scholarship were well-known and his enthusiasm for the work and interests of the College were soon manifest.

Under his care the Library developed rapidly and he showed a great skill in acquiring books of the greatest value to theological students. His election to the Board of Divinity enhanced the prestige of Wesley House, whilst his lectures were appreciated by a community wider than the College.

When Dr Hughes retired in 1937 it was fitting that Dr Flew should succeed him, as one who had helped to develop the traditions of the Family and who had so many contacts with the University and with Methodism.


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