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  • Writer's pictureMrs Helen Hughes (May 1941)

1925: Inauguration

The necessary part of the building was due to be ready by March 25th 1925. The work of furnishing was then carried out after much consultation with Mr Gutteridge. He personally chose linen and rugs, and suggested many details to add to the comfort of the men's rooms.

Pictures for the Common Room had been hung in Brookside. To these he added the fine "Interior of Toledo Cathedral" which, with plants for the borders, was brough in his car from Haslemere.

The porter, named Woolley, living in No. 23, was joined at this time by Morgan as Assistant Porter. When Woolley left in 1927 Morgan became Head Porter (non-resident) and his brother in law, Burrell and his wife took up residence in the Porters' Lodge. Their work together has been one of the outstanding features of Wesley House life and their helpfulness in any and every emergency, and in the daily life of the College, has been fully appreciated by staff and students alike.

The men came up on April 20th and took possession of their own building very gladly.

On Wednesday April 22nd an Inaugural Dinner was given by Mr and Mrs John Finch in the Dining Hall. The catering and waiting were carried out by Messrs. GP Hawkins and Son of the Dorothy Café and the domestic staff were entertained at the same time. This was a great occasion, deeply appreciated by everyone as the speeches showed.


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