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  • Writer's pictureMrs Helen Hughes (May 1941)

1925: C block completes

During the Long Vacation C. Block was finished and it was decided to build a corner section with the Assistant Tutor's rooms on the top storey, and a room for a temporary Chapel underneath. This room was fitted with a dais, surrounded by a Communion rail, inside which stood a Communion Table and two chairs. A reading desk, the harmonium, rush-seated chairs and blue linen curtains completed the furnishing. In this "upper room" morning and evening prayers were held, the Friday evening services and a Communion Service at the beginning and end of term. It was an addition which enriched the life of the House.

When the Meeting House in Jesus Lane was undergoing alterations, the Friends were glad to use it for their meeting on Sunday mornings.

On October 13th the new term began with the addition of seven new men:- Erastus Evans, Maldwyn L Edwards, G Wynne Hughes, JT Jones, JR Peniston, Karl Robson and AG Sackett.

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