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Wesley House in the 1960s

The Rev Dr John Barrett


Flemington in Chapel.jpg

Worship in the House varied very little. The Methodist Service Book was not published until 1975, so we were still using the Book of Offices for the service of Holy Communion and, once a week, the order for Morning Prayer. Although the Liturgical Movement was under way in the Church of England, it was not reflected in our college worship.


The only variation was that each student was attached to a ‘Meth Soc’ group, and these groups had occasional responsibility to take a service in a Circuit church, and these sometimes included limited experiment with the order and content of the worship.


The end of the decade saw the proposal to set up of the Cambridge Theological Federation, which eventually brought together all the theological institutions in Cambridge. Although not formally established until 1972 (and initially involving only Westcott House and Ridley Hall (the two Anglican colleges) and Wesley House), the colleges were beginning to work more closely together from 1969 onwards, and this included a sharing in one another’s worship traditions that certainly extended students’ experience.


In addition, one or two students went fairly regularly to King’s Chapel for evensong, rushing back for House evening prayer.

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