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  • Writer's pictureMrs Helen Hughes (May 1941)

1927: More building

In the Spring of 1927 the Trustees of Wesley House met to discuss the building of the Principal's Lodge and the Chapel. In the original plan, drawn by Sir Aston Webb, provision had been made for an extension of College rooms on the east side of the court with a Chapel adjourning and the Principal's Lodge abutting on Jesus Lane. As the extension was not needed, it was decided that the Principal's Lodge should be built in its place and the Chapel next to it.

Owing to the ill health of Sir Aston Webb, his son, Mr Maurice Webb, prepared the new plans. This involved taking in the garden of 32 Jesus Lane and making some alterations to outbuildings there. The plans were drawn and were passed in December 1927 and the work was undertaken by Messrs Martin and Son of Northampton. Many delays incidental to the building trade occured but the Lodge was ready for occupation when Term began on October 7th 1929.


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