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1929: Building the Chapel

During Dr Ritson's Presidential year (1925) he inaugurated a Forward Movement in the Theological Training of Methodism and Mr Edmund Lamplough made a very generous endowment of Chairs in four of the Colleges. Prompted by Dr Ritson his gift to Wesley House was the very beautiful Chapel, in memory of his brother, Mr Williamson Lamplough, who passed away in October 1925.

While the walls were being built Mr Gutteridge and Mr Lamplough visited many of the College Chapels in Cambridge studying the various types of interior decoration.

The structure was completed in May 1930. The panelling and furnishings are of finest English oak and at that time the walls were of pure white plaster. An organ, perfectly suited in tone to the size of the building, was included in Mr Lamplough's gift and the construction of the Reader's Desk with the balcony above it was designed by Mr Webb to give the necessary balance to the building. The stalls of the Principal and Tutor are on either side of the door and, above it, a Latin inscription pays an eloquent tribute to the memory of Mr Williamson Lamplough and the modesty of his brother. The text carved above the outer door, "Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart" was chosen by Mr Edmund Lamplough.

A short informal service was held in the Chapel on Friday evening May 16th when Mr Lamplough played the organ. The Principal and Dr Flew and their famillies were present, and the domestic staff. The address, given by Dr Hughes, was on the text, "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the House of the Lord". He stressed the hope that the chapel might be not only a place where prayers were said twice daily but a spot sacred to private prayer and devotions.

Mr ES Lamplough


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